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Home is Where the Heart is

Welcome love home!

Our crew of animal friends invite you over with hearts and Valentines. Peek inside the windows of the floral abode and find bunny, bear, owl, dog, fox and kitty with heart-shaped greetings.

Heart Totes

Let Fox be your messenger of love!

Our unique heart-shaped tote is embroidered front and back with tiny red hearts. At the center of it all, Fox holds pink peonies and a box of chocolates. Use as a fun accessory or festive gift bag!

Pocket Sunflower

A new way to give flowers!

Our Pocket Sunflower is a special object, designed to be held in both hands and given as a gift. The embroidered flower features a pocket, inside find Bee Mine Bear pal. Remove Bear from the pocket and find a red heart in his paw. 


Love Tea Towels

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  • Love this little valentine - it is so dear - I had to gift them to a couple of little girls and then I couldn't resist so I treated myself to one too!! - I'm sure it will warm our hearts for many years to come - thank you Coral and Tusk - all your things make me smile.
    Jeanne G.

    Verified buyer

  • I cannot say enough about this company and its superb products! There is really nothing else out there like it and the quality is incredible. I’ve bought many items from runners to pillows 4! and now the love garland. Anyone would love their items as gifts and they are so varied! Shipping is fast and they even include a hand written thank you card along with beautiful wrapping. These are cherished heirlooms to pass down to your family!
    Paula M.

    Verified buyer

  • Coral and Tusk’s greeting cards rock! This one is particularly lovely with fox holding up a bouquet of flowers - my daughter will be the likely recipient for Mothers Day. I have also framed a few of them, and have them displayed in areas of my home where I want to peek around a door and smile.
    Susan M.

    Verified buyer