Introducing Our New Desert Collection

From the Mojave to the Sonoran, the colors, textures, and intensity of the desert have long enchanted us. Our Desert designs are an invitation to escape into a vibrant world of towering saguaros and flowering cacti, where you’ll encounter incredible wildlife. Our new pillows and table linens draw on the desert’s terrain and explore the biodiversity found in this unique environment.

Desert Blooms

A blooming oasis can be found deep in the desert.

Behold the fiery flowers of the cholla cactus, the fuchsia fruits of the prickly pear, and the once in a lifetime blossom of the agave century plant. Our Desert Blooms design is so beautifully embroidered you may think it is a mirage!  Wherever your home may be, our new pillow brings a hint of the desert to any bedroom or living area.

Desert Animals

The animals who call the desert their home take shelter in amazing places, from red rock canyons to a Saguaro cactus! Explore our Desert pillows and meet new desert friends.

Desert Tea Towels

Transport your kitchen or powder room to the desert foothills with our new cacti blossom tea towel series. Each tea towel is an embroidered homage to a desert flower.

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  • This beautiful pillow design is even more incredible in person. The lush, highly detailed embroidery has to be seen to be believed. All that have seen it - give rave reviews.
    Judy C.

    Verified buyer

  • There is a elegant whimsy about Coral and Tusk embroidery that completely charms me, and this pillow is no exception. The armadillo, road runner, and jack rabbit, coupled with pops of color from the cacti, are honestly perfection.
    Kate L.

    Verified buyer

  • I absolutely love Coral & Tusk items. This last purchase was a pillow for my sister for her birthday, and she fell in love with it! Thank you for making such special items that can go on and be heirloom items for family generations!
    Kimberly B.

    Verified buyer