In Stitches: The Enchanted World of Coral & Tusk

Coming September 24th, 2024!


"In Stitches: the Enchanted World of Coral & Tusk" is an exploration of the story, craft and creative process of Coral & Tusk founder and artist Stephanie Housley, sharing a life's work of drawing and embroidery inspired by cherished memories and her joyous appreciation of the natural world. Packed with charming details, personal backstories and a sense of discovery, this gorgeous archive is easily enjoyed and appreciated by artists, designers, home enthusiasts and people of any age with an appreciation for craft. Stephanie’s unique sensibility, instantly recognizable for her expressive animal characters, imaginative habitats and environments, and complex stitch work is visual storytelling at its best. Each embroidery evokes a feeling of simple, happy nostalgia through the carefully sophisticated mark making of an artist whose process is as much an art as the final product.


Release date: September 24th, 2024

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