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Fall Leaves

Preserve the essence of fall with pressed leaves and feathers. Our ornate, autumnal runner features an array of bright leaves from maple, gingko, and oak trees. Among the collection of leaves are feathers from blue jays, goldfinches, and quails.

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Welcome the spooky season with our new Halloween collection! Each design features charming embroidered details inspired by memories of the fun and festive holiday.

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Our newest feather designs features large scale pheasant, kestrel, and golden flicker feathers. Each quill is a reminder to cherish and respect the incredible creatures of flight, sky, and air.

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Behold the beauty of ferns! From their lacy leaves to varied green hues, the ancient plant has long enthralled us. Unfurl our newest table runner to reveal an embroidered shade garden composed of maidenhair ferns, sword ferns, and lady ferns.

At Home with Coral & Tusk

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Owls and Feathers

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