Three Ways to use our Halloween Advent Calendar

October is upon us! Which means only one thing… it’s almost Halloween! Our new Haunted House Advent Calendar adds even more excitement to the season as a way to count down the days until the big night of trick-or-treating. Today we are sharing three ways to use this unique embroidered Halloween calendar!

Before we begin, a little more info about our Haunted House Advent Calendar! This is the first Halloween calendar we’ve designed and we are super excited to use it this season. The calendar features 31 pockets for counting down to Halloween. We think of the countdown as starting at the door of the Haunted House and working up to the full moon that rises above. Each pocket is 2 to 3 inches deep. Most of the pockets are 1 inch wide with some going up to 2.5 inches wide. For the full details and to purchase your very own head to our website here!


Haunted House Halloween Advent Calendar

Fill with treats and candy

Our personal favorite use for the Halloween calendar is to fill each pocket with a treat… and a trick! For treats: one piece of candy in each pocket fits perfectly. Choose some wrapped, bite-sized favorites to place in each pocket. For tricks try a couple of miniature games and practical jokes for lots of laughs! Make every night in October a time for trick-or-treating!


Haunted House Halloween Advent Calendar Gif

Count down the days

If 31 nights of candy and toys sounds like your own personal parenting nightmare, never fear! Another great way to use the Haunted House Advent Calendar is by placing numbers in each pocket to count down to Halloween. We cut orange paper, drew each number, and placed them in the pockets. You could also use one piece of paper or a fun object to move to each pocket as the days go by, ending at the full moon on October 31st.

Halloween Wall Hanging Decor

Display as a wall hanging

The pockets on the Advent Calendar are subtle enough that they don’t need to be filled at all! The Haunted House can also be displayed as a wall hanging alongside your other Halloween decor. There are so many details stitched throughout the calendar, from little bats flying in the windows to a ghost-shaped door knocker, that the calendar can be enjoyed just as it is!

Cottagecore Charm

If you've seen "cottagecore" around the internet, then you probably know that Coral & Tusk is a perfect fit for the rural cottage in the forest decor trend! We love cottage charm and styling our designs to add nature and whimsy for that idyllic look.

Ferns and Mushrooms pillow accent Lumbars on a bed with a green throw in a stone room.


 Cottagecore is all about nature and natural elements, crafting and making things by hand, gardening, baking, and creating a cozy retreat. Above, we dreamed up a lush bedroom inspired by the forest floor and English cottages that come together as a calming space. Get the look by mixing our botanical embroidered decor, the Mushrooms and Ferns lumbar with vintage furniture or accessories, and filling vases with plant cuttings from the outdoors. 


Mushroom and ferns lumbar on a beaded vintage bed with mushroom basket accessories and decor


In the kids' bedroom, we styled mushrooms and ferns pillows with a natural wicker mushroom basket to hide toys, our Kitty pocket doll propped on a rainbow of vintage books, and an adorable Olli Ella mushroom basket for a pop of color. Our entire staff wanted to snag the basket, it brings such a charm to any room!


Sitting bedside, cheery yellow and red Falconware Enamel pieces fit in so perfectly with our ferns and mushroom designs. The pitchers are useful as nighttime carafes or as small vases for gathering wildflowers outside.


Dinner table set with Coral & Tusk Mushroom Forest Table runner and dinner napkins, wood mushrooms and candles     

Above, our cottagecore table is set with earthy brown Heath plates, Sophie Lou Jacobson ripple glasses, our Mushroom Forest table runner, dinner napkins, and Foragers cocktail napkins along with carved wood mushroom decorations, and hollowed birch candle holders. Below, for a second look, our favorite chef and creator, Kaity of Fare Isle made this delicious pumpkin bread, on a beautiful tablescape layered with our Mushroom Forest table runner and dinner napkins along with a mix of vintage brass accessories, flowers and various squash. 

 Fare Isle pumpkin bread mushroom forest table runner and dinner napkins

 *Photo via Fareisle's website

 Shop the look:

Coral & Tusk Mushroom decor shop the look 

1) Mushrooms and Ferns tissue box, Fox with Mushrooms card and Pocket Mushroom tiny pillow are small touches for any room
2) The Mushroom and Ferns lumbar is large and perfect for a bed or sofa
3) This Olli and Ella rattan Mushroom basket goes everywhere
4) Oyoy's mushroom basket hides away any clutter
5) Set on the table or draped across a cabinet, the Mushroom Forest table runner adds cute cottagecore characters anywhere you style it
6) The Mushroom Moose dinner napkin collaboration with Lela Rose adds a woodsy foraging touch to the table
7) The Fox with Ferns pocket pillow is a sweet small accent while the 8) Mushroom and Ferns Bouquet pillow makes a great 16" throw option