Five Favorite Things | May 15th, 2020

It’s a new addition of our semi-regular column! As we continue to work remotely here in Brooklyn, we are sharing with each other what we're reading, watching, and are inspired by. Today we’re sharing them all with YOU! Read on for our recommendations.


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Do you like roller coasters? Asumi, our Japanese Account Manager, brought this fun website into our lives last week. Yomiuriland has a collection of videos of different roller coasters filmed from the perspective of the rider. Watching them is the next best thing to riding your favorite roller coaster! There are also videos of merry-go-rounds and tea cups for kids.


Salt Fat Acid Heat Book
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Alija, our Content and Brand Manager recommends Salt, Fat Acid, Heat. “I watched the Netflix series when it came out, but now I’m finally getting around to reading the book and it’s AMAZING.” says Alija. “The best guide I’ve come across to really help me understand how to think about flavor and cooking on my own without a recipe.” Samin Nosrat is a wonderful teacher, an absolute gem of a human and a delight to follow on Instagram! Support your local bookstore by ordering Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat from them or search for it on or


Rick Martinez Instagram
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@Rick_Andrew_Martinez is an amazing cook and contributing writer for Bon Appetit, New York Times Cooking and Food Network. He shares his daily life, delicious looking food and gorgeous surroundings in Mazatlan, Mexico on Instagram. Lynsey, our Fabric Manager, highly recommends the brown butter toffee cookies and tostadas recipes. “Every morning I look forward to Rick’s Instagram Stories with his daily “Buenos Dias” from the garden and reposts of people making his recipes.” says Lynsey.


Momoca Paper Flower Candle at Bon Tucson
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We encourage you to shop your local brick and mortars remotely during this time, if you can! Father’s Day is coming up and we know of many quarantine birthdays that may need a little something extra special. Alicia, our Wholesale Accounts Manager, is coveting this handmade paper flower candle by Momoca available exclusively at, Bon in Tucson, along with this hand painted glassware. “What I love most about cities (big and small!) all over the world, are the small businesses unique to each one.” says Alicia. We’re doing our best to support local shops and family owned businesses right now and always.


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Decorate a Small Space

Last summer we photographed our Camping Collection outside of Grand Teton National Park in The Silver Bungalow, a 1971 Twenty-Three foot long Safari Airstream trailer! We had so much fun styling the Silver Bungalow with Coral & Tusk and hope this look book provides inspiration for decorating your small spaces!


Coral & Tusk Silver Bungalow Airstream Decor

The Silver Bungalow Airstream is owned and operated by Courtney Leavell of Jackson, Wyoming. She has lovingly restored her vintage Airstream into a modern oasis. We love how she updated the interior to have charming details (like those cute green drawer handles!) but to also be a functional, minimal space. Above is a cozy nook on the left and the bed which converts into a dining table on the right.
Coral & Tusk Merit Badges Pillow Coral & Tusk Pocket Doll Lumbar Pillow


Coral & Tusk Small Bedroom Decor

For the maximalist, it may be difficult to practice restraint when decorating a small space. However, styling your bed is a great place to load up on layers! Choose brightly colored pillows and bedding to create a pop of color and an inviting area in your tiny house or apartment.

Coral & Tusk Prairie Lumbar Pillow Coral & Tusk Great Grey Owl Pillow

Prairie Meadow Lumbar Pillow 16” x 32”   |   Great Grey Owl Pillow 12” x 16”


Coral & Tusk Airstream Table Linens


In a small space it’s important that any single area can serve multiple purposes. In the Silver Bungalow the bed converts into a dining area. Our Brooklyn team can attest that their dining rooms also function as an office and living room. We recommend adding something special to your space for each transition. Here we set up the dining table with a table runner and dinner napkins, which can also really help make your home feel fresh when it’s time to change your “desk” into your dinner table.

Coral & Tusk Homecoming Table Runner

Homecoming Table Runner 72” x 16”


Coral & Tusk Silver Bungalow Airstream Style

And of course the best way to maximize your small space is to take it outside! Expand your footprint with a seating area on your porch, side yard or stoop. For the Silver Bungalow, Courtney restored the collapsible striped awning as shown above. When the awning is out it creates a fun space to enjoy the outdoors!

Airstream: The Silver Bungalow

Location: Snake River Ranch

Photographer: Will Ellis