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2021 Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Guide!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we can’t wait to reunite with loved ones. In the midst of recipe prep and planning don’t forget something special for your Thanksgiving hostess! Here are a few of our favorite hostess gifts this year.


Coral & Tusk Hostess Gifts Fall Gathering Cocktail Napkins and Stationery

Cocktail Napkins Text

Bring a bottle of wine or champagne to the festivities along with a set of embroidered cocktail napkins. Our Fall Gathering cocktail napkin set and card are a lovely way to show your appreciation this season!


Fall Gathering Cocktail Napkin Set of 4
Fall Gathering Card


Coral & Tusk Hostess Gifts Surprise Tea Towels and Card
Tea Towel Text

Tea Towels can also be paired with another small gift, like a bottle of olive oil or a candle. Simply wrap the tea towel around your go-to to add an extra special touch. Our Bear with Surprise and Fox with Surprise tea towels are great for every kind of gift giving occasion and each have a matching embroidered card to choose from.


Bear with Surprise Tea Towel
Fox with Surprise Tea Towel
Bear with Surprise Card
Fox with Surprise Card


Coral & Tusk Hostess Gift Red Cardinals Ornaments and Embroidered Stationery
Tree Ornaments Text

Our tree ornaments are sweet tokens of appreciation and can be immediately put to use for the next holiday! We especially love the idea of giving your Thanksgiving hostess our Christmas Cardinal ornaments as cardinals represent love and positivity.


Christmas Cardinal Ornament
Christmas Lady Cardinal Ornament
Christmas Cardinals Embroidered Card