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Pre-Order our NEW Book!

I am SO THRILLED to share big news and a behind-the-scenes look of our first book in English with none other than Rizzoli!!!

Words do not exist to encapsulate how I truly feel right now, I am trying to remind myself that this is real and I am not dreaming!

Our book In Stitches: The Enchanted World of Coral & Tusk will be published by Rizzoli this Fall and is available for pre-order NOW!

We are excited about every aspect of this project and are over the top thrilled about the book cover, as it is actually embroidered! Our first American publication will capture the artwork I have created over the last 15 years, and will show all that we together as a company have achieved because of our unbelievably talented team and your enthusiastic support!

It is impossible to trace exactly all the moments that have led to this, but the known ones make me so happy to be able to share as further proof that as much as you believe you have agency and free will over your destiny- the best things are beyond your control! 

A forever thank you to fate, good timing, and dear friends - to Seal Graeber, to John Derian for contributing a beautiful forward, to Allegra Yust, Douglas Woods, and Charles Miers of Rizzoli and the Rizzoli team: Nikki Maldonado, Kathleen Jayes, Celia Fuller and Rebecca Ambrose. Thank you to each and every one of you for making this dream come true! 

I keep thinking about being able to time travel and going back to visit a much younger me, still up at 4am working on filling orders alone in my Brooklyn apartment with my single table top embroidery machine and saying- Girl in about 15 years you are going to make a book of your archive with RIZZOLI!!! Oh, and John Derian is going to write the foreward! NO CHANCE would I have believed this to be a remote possibility.



Pre-Order HERE or follow these links to go directly to the book's ordering page:

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