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Overhead over Coral & Tusk Big Sur Collection with coastal inspiration, drawings, watercolors, and embroideries.
Summer is here and we are so excited to share our NEW Big Sur Collection and more about the inspiration that helped to create it! All of Stephanie’s designs for this coastal collection pay homage to the diverse nature found in this awe inspiring place!
Landscape cliff view along the California coast of Big Sur, blue sky, waves, yellow flowers along the cliff.
Last summer, owner & designer Stephanie Housley was lucky enough to visit Big Sur on the California coast. She and her husband Chris explored the habitats on sea cliffs and fields that bordered the ocean, hiked through the magnificent redwood forests and observed all the majestic wildlife that calls this magical place home.
Overhead of coastal watercolor featuring whales and bobcats, whale embrodiered tea towel, from the Coral & Tusk Big Sur Collection.

Whale Love Tea Towel,     Big Sur Field Notes Watercolor Print

“Big Sur is notable and particularly inspiring to me in many ways, from the sweeping vistas that truly feel like the edge of the planet, to the diversity of wildlife--- found both in the ocean and in the neighboring forests and fields. It is an isolated place where we had the availability to observe and absorb nature in its fullest beauty. We saw a bobcat on the hiking trail near the Redwood grove the first morning, which set the tone for an overall awe inspiring time. It was an unusually active time for humpback whales and they entertained us for hours on end, breaching, breathing, tail slapping and waving hello. When we walked down to the ocean on the first evening just before dusk, we stumbled upon two coyote pups who seemed just as surprised to see us as we were them! We later observed the mother coyote catching lizards to feed them. And of course, the eternally playful and hilarious sea otters that occupy the brimming kelp forest and yield bountiful inspiration and joy.” - Stephanie, owner & designer Over the years we have phased out many of our earlier coastal themed designs, so we are thrilled to announce these beautiful new imaginings with our Big Sur Collection!
Big Sur Sea Cliffs Watercolor by Stephanie Housley.

Big Sur Sea Cliffs Watercolor

Coral & Tusk Coral Forest Dinner Napkin

Coral Forest Dinner Napkin

New additions to our successful tabletop range include the Coral Forest table runner and accompanying dinner napkins, cocktail napkins, and tea towels.
Overhead of table set with Coral & Tusk Big Sur Table Decor, embroidered table runner and dinner napkins.

Coral Forest Table Runner,   Coral Forest Dinner Napkin,   Big Sur Cocktail Napkin Set

Overhead image of Coral & Tusk Big Sur Tea Towels on gray paper.

Whale Love, Seahorse Love, Narwhal Love, Octopus Love tea towels

New additions to our signature pocket pillow collection were inspired from the descriptions above of all of the wildlife Stephanie was able to observe in Big Sur; the two coyote pups and their mother catching lizards for dinner at the sea cliffs,
Coral & Tusk Big Sur Coyote Cliff Embroidery and Watercolor

Sea Cliff Coyote Pocket Pillow,   Big Sur Coyotes Watercolor

humpback whales entertaining for hours with their incredible breaching, tail-slapping and waving hello, and the eternally playful and hilarious sea otters frolicking in the kelp forest!
Coral & Tusk Big Sur Pocket Pillows overhead image.

Sea Cliff Coyote, Humpback Whale, Sea Otter pocket pillows

Overhead image of Coral & Tusk Big Sur Pillows, sitting on indigo linen fabric.

Coral Forest and Dive Pillows

Coral & Tusk Big Sur Watercolor by Stephanie Housley

Big Sur Seals Watercolor

These tooth fairy keepsake pillows represent some of the sea life in Big Sur -  sea turtle, hermit crab, and treasure chest. The pockets on the front perfectly hold souvenir shells and treasures from any memorable trip!
Overhead of Coral & Tusk coastal themed Tooth Fairy Treasure Pillows on gray paper with sea shells.

Hermit Crab, Sea Turtle, and Treasure Trunk Tooth Fairy Keepsake Pillows

We strive to give what we can whenever possible to the environments and animals that inspire us, so with all items in our Big Sur Collection, we are donating 10% of profits to the Ocean Conservancy.
Landscape cliff view along the California coast of Big Sur, blue sky, waves, wild grass along the cliff.
Big Sur is a magical and special place! We hope these drawings and stories from Stephanie’s process, travel, and inspiration help give insight into the world of Coral & Tusk and our new summer collection!
Coral & Tusk Big Sur Collection overhead inspiration image with sunhat, watercolors, drawings, and embroideries on wood desk.
Happy Summer from the Coral & Tusk Team! Coral & Tusk's Whale Hello! from Coral & Tusk on Vimeo.