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Holiday hosting and go-to gifts with Stephanie

Sip and set the scene for an easy holiday get together with founder and designer Stephanie Housley. 

Coral & Tusk:

Do you go for a theme with your entertainment and linens?  

Stephanie Housley: Yes! I love the opportunity to set the table with our linens, and since we have so many different designs relevant to time of year and holiday, I love choosing an appropriate theme to coordinate with what is going on seasonally.


Table set with Paradise Garden, champagne coupes and cheeses

Photo by Rinne Allen

C&T:  What’s on your ultimate cheese plate?


SH:  Not cheese these days since I went dairy-free (although Miyoko's makes good alternatives)! But I do love an appetizer! I love deviled eggs the most. Olives (green- like I love Castelvetrano olives), nuts (I am super into chili lime cashews at the moment), crackers (partial to Raincoast Crisps) fruit (cherries or jam) and these quinoa cakes:


 Stephanie and Chris preparing a cheese plate
overhead view of wooden tray with various cheese, olives, and spreaders


C&T: What drinks are you serving?


SH: My favorite drink is in Brooklyn from Walter Foods, called a fig sidecar, with fig syrup, aged rum and lemon juice. Here's the closest recipe I've found: Then we might also have wine, Champagne, and some non-alcoholic drinks, like Athletic beers which actually taste like the real thing.
Coffee is always a nice option if your party is on the later side!


Playful cats embroidered cocktail napkin, mug and bowl of cherries
  Photo by Rinne Allen

C&T: Tell us about a favorite gift you've received, and why?

SH: I like having very few things and having those things mean something---- that they have a history or a story, that they exude some feeling of being intentionally made. A gift that signifies a special time or place, shared with family and friends, has the ability to bring back my favorite memories in a joyful and meaningful way!

C&T: What are you gifting from the Coral & Tusk fall/winter line this year?

SH: I will certainly be gifting lots of Christmassy items to friends and neighbors- depending on the occasion. 

I just dropped off some homemade pumpkin bread to a neighbor in this guy, it's a great holiday decor piece to keep afterward: Felt Sleigh

Here is my holiday shortlist:

Feathers Tissue Box CoverCardinal of HopeChristmas Flowers WreathSantas Nice List Wine Bag, Fox with Mushrooms Wine Bag

and this tea towel pairing:

Bunny with Mushrooms Tea TowelMaidenhair Fern Tea Towel

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