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Decorating with Indigos

In the midst of hot and sticky summer weather, our cool and crisp indigo fabrics, part of our Aegean inspired collection, brings the breezy lifestyle of terrace living into your interiors. These rich indigo pillows invite the vibes of the sea inside with embroidered patterns and colors inspired by the aesthetics of Turkish, Greek and North African textiles.

Our deep blue indigo striae linen with embroidered stitches creates a richly saturated starting point or layering option for any space. These are custom patterns created by designer, Stephanie Housley, and embroidered onto our own custom woven striae linens.


Watercolor illustration by Lynsey Erin of interior living room couch with patterned indigo pillows.


Watercolor Illustration by Lynsey Erin

We recommend layering our pieces as you can see in this fantastic original watercolor created by our fabric division head, Lynsey Erin. Start with our largest size (26") against the back of your couch or bed and work your way down in size with our 20", 16", and statement lumbars at 16" x 32".  Pattern wise- mix all over intricate patterns like our Ridgeline Indigo with bold designs like Sweetgrass or Sidewinder Indigo. These patterns compliment each other and allow you to appreciate the bold patterns and textures created by thousands of stitches.

We are thrilled to share 3 design suggestions for using these beautiful indigos in your home while highlighting specific design trends we are inspired by now.




#1 Mixing pattern, scale, and size:

From our Winds Collection, we love the way Ridgeline Indigo looks paired with Sweetgrass Indigo. These patterns compliment each other in such a unique way, giving a graphic punch to each design.

The Ridgeline embroidery displays tones and sheens in strong silhouettes inspired by the natural plays of light and shape along the edges of any mountaintop and when alongside our bold Sweetgrass, also part of our Winds collection. The small to large scale of these designs highlight the different patterns and textures at play.


Coral & Tusk embroidered indigo pillows stacked on gray paper backdrop.


Ridgeline 20" Pillow, Sweetgrass 26" Pillow
Photograph by Will Ellis

Similarly, we love the way Sweetgrass Indigo looks alongside Sidewinder Indigo.  Both of these designs are large scale patterns that make a bold statement.   

Sweetgrass captures the natural display of pattern created by movement and energy when the wind whips the grasses around and around and Sidewinder is inspired by a fascination for how the Sidewinder snake zig zags across the desert sands emerges as this large scale twist on a classic pattern.




#2 High Contrast Look:

Our second design trend is the high contrast look between deep indigos with bright whites. When these pillows are paired together, the result is amazing! A clean, crisp look is achieved and the embroidery really pops.


Coral & Tusk Embroidered Indigo and Ivory Pillows on bed.
Coral and Tusk embroidered natural and indigo geometric pillows on gray paper backdrop. Coral & Tusk Evil Eye Embroidered Pillows on gray paper backdrop. 
Navy Quill Pillow, Ridgeline and Sweetgrass Indigo Pillows, Evil Eye Pillows, Luck Tooth Fairy Pillow
Left Photograph by Will Ellis




#3 Mixing Color Tones:

Our Signature Collection mixed with our Indigo range is a unique way to marry two aesthetics. We recommend incorporating the narrative, identifiable designs like Lucky Pattern and Evil Eye with our indigo linen designs like Ridgeline and Sweetgrass. 

Close up of Coral and Tusk embroidered pillows on bed.
Navy Quill Pillow, Lucky Pattern Pillows 
Coral and Tusk embroidered natural and indigo linen decorative pillows displayed on cot outdoors in front of natural wood pile.
Herringbone Diamond, Portico Indigo, Navy Quill Lumbar Pillows
Photograph by Kate Lacey

There is so much to LOVE about decorating with Indigos! Check out our Pinterest board where we've collected some major inspiration! 

Screen capture of Pinterest board with images of indigo pillows, decor, and interiors.

We've pinned some of our favorite indigos from Walter G, Luru Home, Demetria Chappo ceramics, Beautiful rooms from Amber Interiors, Jersey Ice Cream Co, Justina Blakeney and more! See our board on Pinterest 


 We also offer complimentary memos in 6" and 9" depending on the style and a 27" returnable sample. Our yardage minimum is 1 yard and the lead time ranges from 3-6 weeks depending on the stock availability. 

 Left photo courtesy Kathryn Fortunato

Our Souk Indigo stripes looks gorgeous on these mid century modern chairs, above, and the brass legs perfectly highlight the golden brown stitching in the striae linen indigo fabric. We love how the custom upholstery project above turned out from Kathryn Fortunato, of Lizzie Fortunato!  

Overhead image of embroidered indigo linen fabric swatches.


Indigo Embroidered Fabrics, Evil Eye Fabric

Please let us know if you have any questions or want to inquire about yardage and custom pieces. We are happy to provide additional information and offer suggestions. We are always happy to take appointments at our Brooklyn Studio. Please call Lynsey at 718-388-4188 for an appointment or email us at 


Berber Embroidered Indigo Fabric, Watercolor Illustration by Lynsey Erin
Left Photograph by Martin Scott Powell
Chair pictured RIGHT is John DerianTULIP CHAIR by CISCO BROTHERS