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Napkin Size Guide

We’re expanding our table linen options to include a new napkin size: The Appetizer Napkin! Our new napkin size is a perfect pair with dessert or hors d’oeuvres. Today we’re showing you how the new Appetizer napkin sizes up compared to our other linens.


Coral & Tusk Napkin Guide


When setting the table we have two types of dinner napkins available along with tea towels and now our new appetizer napkin. Cocktail napkins add an extra layer of color and pattern.


Coral & Tusk Appetizer Napkins

Appetizer Napkins

Available in three designs, we styled our Appetizer napkins two ways: The Bunny Butterfly napkin is folded in the standard 6.5” x 6.5” fold. This is how the Appetizer napkin will appear in your order. The Bumble Bee Bear and Chick Butterfly napkins are folded in half to achieve a narrow 3” width to fit on top of the dessert plates. When the napkins are completely unfolded they measure 13” x 13”.

The Appetizer napkins appear above with the East Fork Cake Plate which has a 6.5” diameter.
Coral & Tusk Flower Friends Appetizer Napkins
Left to Right: Bumble Bee Bear, Chick Butterfly, and Bunny Butterfly Appetizer Napkins.


Coral & Tusk Dinner Napkins

Dinner Napkins: Rectangle or Square Fold

 We offer two 20” x 20” dinner napkins. Our classic square designs fold down to a 10” x10” size which stands out on a 12” dinner plate. The embroidery is designed to fill the the 10” napkin space. We prefer to skip the napkin ring for our dinner napkins and show off the design by placing the napkin flat on the plate.

Our rectangular dinner napkin also unfolds to be a full 20” x 20” napkin, however the design is placed in a way that the napkin folds down to 5” x 10”. We love to use this napkin on the side of the dinner plate. 

Both napkins are pictured above on Astier de Vilatte Cresus Dinner Plate Large which has a 12.5” diameter.


Coral & Tusk Dinner Napkins

Left to Right: Blush Bouquet, Blooms, Coral Bouquet Dinner Napkins


Coral & Tusk Tea Towel Table Setting

Tea Towels

Tea towels make great hostess gifts and add to the decor in your kitchen or powder room. They can also be used for place settings! With over 40 styles to choose from, tea towels are a great way to personalize each setting for your guests.

Coral & Tusk Flower Friends Tea Towels

Left to Right: Bunny Hydrangea, Chick Cosmos, and Bear Tulip Tea Towel