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Mother's Day tips and picks from Instagram moms

This Mother’s Day we asked some of our favorite Instagram moms their Mother’s Day traditions, what they’d pick as gifts, and how they decorate with Coral & Tusk!

Molly in Maine living room with Coral & Tusk throw pillow Blooms 
 Photo via Molly in Maine on Instagram

Molly in Maine


Molly in Maine has a gorgeous Instagram feed full of photos of her collected and curated dreamy house by the sea as well as a fantastic blog where she gives excellent decorating advice. Molly has 3 grown children, 2 grandkids and 2 Springer Spaniels!

Molly picked out a Blooms pillow and Bluebird Nest pocket pillow as her gifts for Mother's Day and for her own kids who are both new mamas, they received Mama Bear and Cub cards. We interview Molly about Mother’s Day traditions, her inherited eye for antiques, and tips for new moms from a seasoned one!

Molly: Our Mother’s Day traditions have of course changed over the years as the kids have grown. For me, the most important thing is to spend time with family, if possible. We never really went out for brunch or dinner, because that always seemed like a lot of work. "Happy hour" is a tradition with our family for any celebration. For Mother’s Day, it would be out on our covered porch. The kids would have “girl wine” (sparkling cider) and my husband makes a mean margarita. As the kids got older, they would cook for dinner. 

Coral & Tusk: From your blog post it sounded like your mom had exquisite taste like you; did you get your decor sense from her? Did she teach you about collecting or decorating?

My mom definitely instilled her love of collecting in me and that has heavily influenced my decorating style. And of course her love of blue! I wish I had learned more from her about her huge collection of antique blue and white transferware.  She really knew her stuff and collected only the very best.  I appreciate the beautiful pieces I inherited from her, but I don’t know their history or provenance like she did.  

C&T: You recently helped decorate your grand baby’s nursery, what special touches did you add? Any decor tips for a new mom?

My daughter Zoë has a distinct decorating style that is very different from my own, so it was really fun to do something different from my home. I suggested a wallpaper accent wall and helped her pick it out. Then of course we hung it together, which went surprisingly smoothly! We also went out to an antiques store to find the dresser, a mirror, and a side table. I also helped her pick out a loveseat for the room.  My tip for new parents is to make the nursery a room that you enjoy spending time in. The baby is not going to care what the room looks like.  It should be a pleasing relaxing room for the parents. And definitely a really comfortable chair for baby snuggle time!  

C&T: If you were hosting a Mother's Day lunch, how would you set the table?

A Mother’s Day table to me says flowers! A floral tablecloth or napkins. Or maybe one of Coral & Tusk’s gorgeous floral embroidered table runners. Flowers as a centerpiece. Pretty glasses (I have some antique pressed glass goblets that my mom collected). And then I would probably keep the dishes simple white to allow the patterned table linens to shine! 


Audrey leary children's room with Coral & Tusk pillow and pocket doll wes anderson

Photo via Homerunballerina on Instagram

Homerun Ballerina Audrey Leary and coral & tusk

Audrey shares her incredibly colorful home, personality, and wardrobe through @Homerunballerina on Instagram. She's a mom of 2 boys while also a pastry chef and restaurant owner! We don't know how she had the time, but we were thrilled to hear her take on Mother's Day traditions and gifts. 

Audrey: For Mother's Day - I grew up always doing breakfast in bed for special occasions (our birthdays, Mother's & Father's Day) and my kids have taken this over, which usually means I get a plate of goldfish and raisins in bed at about 7 am. My husband always gets flowers and usually something crafty - last year he bought me this super cool stamp roller that I used to pattern the walls in our bedroom. Then, he takes the kids outside and out of the house for a couple hours so I can have some time alone to paint, catch up with friends, watch tv, whatever. We own a dinner restaurant so we always work that night, but we usually get good, easy takeout the next day so I get a break. It's all small things, but I love it all so much. 

C&T: Visit her entire home tour where you can see the stamp roller on her walls HERE

In the photo above, Audrey posted a reel of her sweet kids playing with our Gondola and Day at the Beach pocket pillows and the Owl and Kitty pocket dolls. We absolutely love how she styled these and her inspiration!

Audrey: I've always loved Wes Anderson's aesthetic - the reel trend that has been going around has been so good! - and when Coral & Tusk asked if I'd like a couple of their pocket pillows to style in my kids' room, I was immediately taken with their quirky charm and beautifully embroidered characters, which remind me so much of an Anderson film. They are beautifully made and the boys love playing with them (and smashing them into each other and throwing them, but they're pillows! so no one gets hurt!) I'm considering them an early Mother's Day gift - and they have lots of other gorgeous choices, some more "adult" and some more youthful like these (although honestly I'd put the mushroom pillows anywhere in our house!) 

 Audrey Leary homerunballerina mother's day kids room picks

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