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Our Wallpaper Collaboration with Hygge & West!

Introducing our wallpaper collaboration with Hygge & West! Featuring our signature embroidery style and cheerful storytelling, our wallpaper designs for Hygge & West are sure to inspire joy and delight. Sophisticated, organic, and a touch irreverent, this collection captures the artistry of the natural world and the beauty of cross-cultural folklore.


The new collection features three Coral & Tusk designs you know and love! Each design has different colorway options, find the perfect fit for your decor!


Plumes Wallpaper Coral & Tusk for Hygge & West
 Plumes TextInspired by designer Stephanie Housley’s carefully amassed collection of found feathers, Plumes showcases a variety of quills from birds of all stripes. Loosely drawn from actual feathers and embellished by the artist's own hand, this delicate pattern celebrates nature and is an homage to the unique creatures of flight.



Evil Eye Wallpaper Coral & Tusk for Hygge & West
Evil Eye Text

Omnipresent in cultures and civilizations for centuries, the evil eye is an auspicious and fascinating symbol. Meant to ward off bad spirits and wicked intentions, this amulet can be found on jewelry, clothing, ornaments, and in homes around the world. Reimagined for flat surfaces, in this pattern the evil eye commingles with carefully embroidered diamonds to form a subtle, yet striking, quilt-like motif.

Explore the Evil Eye Wallpaper.


Quill Wallpaper Coral & Tusk for Hygge & West

Quill Text

This striking motif was inspired by a Lakota garment that used porcupine quills for both adornment and patterning. With its intricate, hand-drawn lines and interesting take on the classic stripe, this pattern beautifully complements nearly any interior design style. 

Explore the Quill Wallpaper.

Shop the entire collection online at Hygge & West.


Read More Text

Head over to the Hygge & West blog to learn more about our collaboration and process! The Hygge & West team interviewed Stephanie for their Pattern Players series. Find the full interview here.

Coral & Tusk Pinterest

Get Inspired Text

Check out our Wallpaper Pinterest board to kick start your next project! We collected images of some of our favorite wallpapered interiors.