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Songbirds Inspiration (and a new donation pledge!)

There is no shortage of reasons why people love and are fascinated by birds. After all, they are the only living species with the gift of flight, have feathers rather than hair, fur, or scales, and are lucky enough to have the sky as their habitat. It’s all pretty phenomenal and well worth pondering!


While I’ve always loved birds, my appreciation for them has increased along with my opportunity for observing them since our move from Brooklyn to Wyoming back in 2016. This past year has marked the longest I’ve been in one place, without traveling for work, in about 20 years. Being grounded allowed me to take in every day of every season, and the chance to celebrate each feathered friend returning to our home as the days warmed. There were periods of time during this year that most human beings felt some level of isolation, fear, and sadness. I believe that in response to those feelings, the ability to absorb nature, regardless of location, became increasingly important, inspiring, and comforting. One of the best things about birds is that no matter where you are, there are birds!


Mountain Bluebird
A Mountain Bluebird on Stephanie's deck.
Early last spring, I knew I wanted birds to be a key focus of our Coral & Tusk Spring/Summer 2021 Collection because of the impact they had on me at this time last year. They brought such immense joy and happiness to that span of time, even more than usual. Being able to observe new birds, learn their names, migratory paths, habits, habitats, nest types, egg colors, tree and food preferences was a treat. Finding a feather always feels like the ultimate treasure! 


Through learning about birds, it is impossible to not recognize how threatened birds are everywhere for a multitude of reasons and that there are upsetting decreases across all kinds of bird populations. These threats are human caused. For all of these invaluable gifts that birds provide us, what can we humans do in return? Of course there is no single answer to this question and there will be a different answer for everyone. Here at Coral & Tusk we will continue to educate ourselves and strive to inspire others to engage in observation and preservation of wildlife and habitat. We will do our small part to support well-rounded organizations that work tirelessly to protect people, animals, and the planet we are privileged to enjoy.


Bluebird Nest Pocket Pillow
Bluebird Nest Pocket Pillow in a Cherry Blossom Tree that inspired the design!
We will be donating 10% of 2021 profits from our Songbirds collection to the National Audubon Society. We will make our contribution on Giving Tuesday, November 30th, 2021. The National Audubon Society protects birds and the places they need throughout the Americas using science, advocacy, education, and on-the-ground conservation. Learn more about their work here.


In the meantime, thank you, and happy bird watching!
xo, Stephanie