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The Green Vase Paper Floral Creations

Today we're sharing about one of our favorite creators, Livia Cetti of The Green Vase who's beautiful work we styled into our Spring Summer 2022 photoshoot. Click through to read more and see her paper creations featured in our Spring photography.


Living room with Coral & Tusk pillows and The Green Vase potted flowers


When we plan our photoshoots for each new collection, we brainstorm ideas for the overall look of the shoot, the color palette being used and “dream” props to source. With the Paradise Garden design, composed of stitched sweet peas, sunflowers, roses, dahlias, foxgloves, cosmos, lilacs, poppies, hellebores, and peonies, we envisioned using The Green Vase’s sculptural botanicals as a perfect compliment to it. 

We have been in awe of the tissue and crepe-paper flowers since seeing them at John Derian, our shared stockist in New York. Luckily, Livia Cetti, the owner and creator of The Green Vase is generous and lovely and crafted the potted peonies and geraniums below. The radiant pinks and varied greens of the patterned leaves in the paper peony and geranium plants made our photoshoot living room come to life. 

Coral & Tusk pillows on marigold chairs and potted The Green Vase plant
Photography by Will Ellis


With our stitched linens and The Green Vase’s painted papers, we love the idea that you can always have a vibrant piece of spring and summer in your home even in the dreary days when winter is lingering. They’re both a great sustainable option for year-long floral beauty you can forget to water with no repercussions!

Green Vase flowers and Coral & Tusk pillows


green vase flowers and Coral & Tusk pillows in a living room


For an extra treat, hop over to Remodelista to view Livia’s beautiful Bronx home filled with her botanical creations.  

Ready to have a go at paper flowers? Check out Livia’s how-to manual and guide book, The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers and her kits to be inspired to DIY your own paper garden! She also has video courses on Creativebug to follow along with.

To purchase everlasting flowers, shop the look at the links below!


Paradise Garden Pillow

Mini Geranium Plant