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Easter Basket Inspiration

Our Bucket Bag and Mini Totes make for sweet Easter baskets. Fill them with treats and surprises for the holiday, and then enjoy the linen accessories all year long! We put together our favorite Easter gifts + bunny themed designs to load them up with!


Embrodiered feather bucket holding Easter eggs and pocket dolls

Our Bucket Bag has embroidered feathers adorning the outside of the bag and a linen strap. Measuring 9” deep, there’s plenty of room for an Easter egg hunter’s bounty! Once the hunt is over the bucket bag serves as a cute container or as a fun summer tote.

Coral & Tusk Easter Basket Picks
1. Fox Pocket Doll, $70. 2. Bunny Badge Pin, $24. 3. Feather Bucket Bag, $84.


Coral & Tusk Easter Tote
We love using our Totes as a gift bag, it’s a full surprise package! Fill up one of our Mini Totes with an array of Easter treasure! We added a deck of cards, a vintage jump rope and colored pencils to our Hikers Mini Tote above, along with our Fox Mask and Bunny Love Stationery. Treats don’t always have to be candy!
Easter Bunny Coral & Tusk Gifts
1. Hikers Mini Tote, $58. 2. Bunny Love Embroidered Card, $24. 3. Bunny Mask, $52.