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Five Favorite Things | July 2022

It’s summer and it’s HOT! Here are a few cool things our team recommends for the month of July!



Wyoming Bird

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The Cornell Ornithology Lab has an app called the Merlin Bird ID available for FREE. You can take it outside, hit record, and it IDs all the birds that appear in your recording. We discovered several birds that we hear all the time in the summer that we previously had no idea existed! It is accurate and AMAZING!!!”

- Stephanie


Coral & Tusk Swimmers Pocket Pillow detail emboirdery

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“I've always wanted to try open water swimming and found a great group, CIBBOWS, in Brooklyn who swim at Coney Island and Brighton Beach weekly. Their intro group swim teaches how to use sightlines and buoys along with safety when swimming in waves or currents. This beginner's guide from Outside provides a great overview and what to expect when swimming in the elements. For inspiration, Bonnie Tsui's Why We Swim book is a fantastic study of interesting swim groups including open water swimmers.”
- Lynsey
The States Project Logo
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It’s an election year here in the United States and we are focusing our personal attention and giving efforts to local and state elections. The States Project connects the importance of state legislatures to every aspect of our lives and brings together communities to help build a healthy, sustainable, and prosperous future for all. Engage your family, friends and network by starting a Giving Circle. Learn more about how The States Project Giving Circles work here.


Cucumber Salad on table

Cucumber Salad on the left, curious cat on the right.

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“I have been making a cucumber salad at least 2 to 3 times a week! I love summer cucumbers!! I have perfected my savory recipe based on three different ones I saw on TikTok or Instagram and the two most important things I’ve learned are:

#1. Get the cucumber slices really thin, so carefully use a mandoline if you have one, which I do not, so I use my cheese grater! 

#2. Hand toss/rub your cucumber slices with some kosher salt before adding anything else to the bowl! This step really makes all the difference! 

Then I add some sesame oil, red chili flakes, freshly minced garlic, black pepper, a tiny sprinkle of Demerara sugar, and lately, a nice sprinkle of Mala Spice Mix from Fly by Jing. Top with sesame seeds, and try to let it get really cold in the fridge before eating it all!”

- Jess


Liana Finck Cartoon

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“Cartoonist Liana Finck launched a Substack newsletter this month! Subscribe and you will have something that makes you laugh in your inbox every week. As a textile enthusiast, I LOL’d at the cartoon above included in last week’s email. The newsletter is free until August, sign up as a paid subscriber to directly support Liana’s work!”

- Alicia