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Original Dog Watercolor Paintings

Anyone that knows anything about me knows that I LOVE DOGS! I have been lucky enough to share most of my years with dogs. There were only a handful of years that did not allow me to have a furry companion: college and our first few years of living in New York. After my husband and I came to the decision to get a dog, while still living in Brooklyn, it was clear to me that I never wanted my life to be devoid of a dog ever again. 


Dogs provide us with so many things that only dogs can and I love that they are such a different type of company than other humans. Our current and past two dogs have been rescues, Mastiffs specifically. While Mastiffs somehow did NOT make the top breeds favored by you in last month’s Dogs Survey, I so enjoyed researching and learning more about the breeds you chose. We decided to do this small group of one of a kind watercolors that celebrate personality traits and notable historical bits of some of YOUR favorite kinds of dogs!


Coral & Tusk original dog watercolor of a golden retriever paddling a canoe with duck riding on the back.


Whether you are looking for a purebred or a mutt, we cannot encourage adopting a dog enough. There are thousands of homeless dogs that would love to make your life richer and full of love, and to call your home their home. There are endless organizations working tirelessly to care for and place these wonderful animals. 

In June 2022, we will be donating $250 per painting to The Santa Fe Humane Society in New Mexico. The Santa Fe Humane Society is working to help animals affected by the northern New Mexico fires.

In 2020 we donated $250 per painting to The Street Dog Project at Friends of the Animal Shelter in Jackson County, OR. The Street Dog Project’s mission is to improve the quality of life for dogs and cats on the street or living with humans with limited means. Their volunteers are currently doing incredible work to support animals that have been affected by the devastating wildfires in Oregon this summer.

Thank you all for taking our Dogs Survey and helping direct this first group of dog paintings!


Stephanie ( & Fuji!)

Side by side photos of Stephanie and her mastiff rescue,Fuji.

Stephanie with her Mastiff rescue, Fuji.


Coral & Tusk Dog Watercolor Collection


Explore the full one of-a-kind Dog Watercolor Collection!

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About The Street Dog Project

The Street Dog Project was founded in 2013 in Oregon and is now part of Friends of the Animal Shelter in Jackson County, Oregon (  Their primary mission is to spay/neuter animals of those without homes and low income communities.  The Street Dog Projects has spayed/neutered almost 1,000 cats and dogs so far, as a free service.

The Street Dog Project’s mission is to improve the quality of life for dogs and cats on the street or living with humans with limited means.  They provide high quality food and gear including leashes, harnesses, winter coats, paw wax, flea and tick medications, and fund medical needs when they can. The Street Dog Project also works closely with other organizations on both the national and local level, including Pets of the Homeless and No Pet Left Behind

With the devastating fires in Oregon, The Street Dog Project has been bringing donations every day to the various community resource hubs in all the towns affected by the fire. They have also been assisting with groups trying to rescue the many displaced cats and dogs and helping animals in need with veterinary care. The Street Dog Project is an all volunteer organization, and most of the members also volunteer at the animal shelter, which is currently inundated with animals from the fires.

Photo from The Street Dog Project Rescue Dog of Rags, a light beige spotted pit bull mix.

Meet Rags! One of the dogs rescued by The Street Dog Project.