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Protection for Wolves, a Letter From Stephanie

 A heinous, despicable act of animal cruelty towards a wolf recently occurred in the county I live in. Wolves are a topic of great debate, especially here in rural Wyoming. But setting aside how you feel towards wolves, no one should promote or accept the torture of these animals.

*For those very sensitive to images and stories of animal cruelty, please use caution if you read further and look up any related new sources - as they contain very upsetting images and content.* 


Fortunately, this offense is gathering momentum as well as national and international coverage, and Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has been an unwavering leader in expressing his outrage of this torment. Given this egregious event, there is an opportunity for improving policy and pressuring the Wyoming Legislature to bolster the state’s animal cruelty laws and ensure that torment and torture of animals results in more than just a $250 fine. 

At Coral & Tusk, we have always believed in the importance of advocating for animal welfare.

We're re-issuing two iconic wolf designs from our archive in a limited edition run, Wolf Portrait Pillow and Wolf Pocket Doll available for pre-order to ship in early May.

100% of profits from these items will be donated to the Humane Society Legislative Fund to aid their crucial work in advocating for policies that protect animals like wolves.


Wolf pillow and doll silhouettes


Wolves play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance of their ecosystems. However, they often face threats from human activities, including habitat destruction and hunting.

The recent incident in Wyoming serves as a stark reminder of the challenges these animals continue to endure. By supporting organizations like the HSLF, we can help ensure that wolves and other vulnerable species are given the protection they deserve. 

- Stephanie Housley, Coral & Tusk Founder and Designer


Action items:

Contact US Fish & Wildlife Service and express your support of protecting gray wolves in the Rocky Mountains under the Endangered Species Act

Call or email  WY Game and Fish and request the agency to use its influence with the Wyoming Legislature to have animal cruelty and wildlife harassment protections extended to wolves throughout the state.

Here is an additional list of resources of groups working towards the reasonable protection of animals:



Wyoming Untrapped

Wolves of the Rockies

Large Carnivore Fund

Wilderness Watch

International Wolf Center

Living with Wolves


Animal Wellness Action

Defenders of Wildlife

Center for biological diversity

Humane Society

Humane Society Legislative Fund

Sierra Club