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You're Invited: Thanksgiving with Stephanie

Photo by Rinne Allen

We absolutely love to entertain here at Coral & Tusk and from throwing studio shindigs to large dinner parties, so we wanted to share founder and designer Stephanie Housley’s favorite ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family. She answers all of our questions about recipes, traditions, plus tablescapes and how to style them!


Coral & Tusk: What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?


Stephanie HousleyMore than anything is hitting PAUSE! I love that Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, that Friday is off, and then a weekend- 4 days!! My second favorite part about Thanksgiving is that the focus of this holiday is centered around quality time together with the ones you love and FOOD! I love figuring out whose home we will gather at, what the menu is, researching new recipes, and last but not least- the table setting. I love the cozy time of year, getting reacquainted with how it feels to be indoors more than outdoors with the shift in weather, and Thanksgiving is always a motivator to kick off new season nesting projects.

Embroidered table setting spread

Photo by Rinne Allen
Coral & Tusk:  Any favorite Thanksgiving memories?
SH: For the last couple of years, we have been invited to our friend’s house who are our neighbors and “family” by choice. We began to celebrate all holidays together and we all love Thanksgiving the most so it is the most fun.


Photo of Kristie's table set for fall

This is my favorite recent Thanksgiving memory- we get together and it is so relaxing and before we know it it's past midnight and we’ve been chatting away for hours and hours while eating absolutely amazing food together. Kristie is not only a phenomenal chef, but she’s exceptionally observant, thoughtful, and generous. She will have taken note of something I said I loved and without prior discussion will have included that in the meal. She makes you feel so completely pampered and cared about! It’s a comprehensive treat and delight.

Thanksgiving embroidered table runner and dinner napkin

  Photo of Kristie's beautifully set table with our Abundance table runner and Three Sisters dinner napkins
SH: As a kid my favorite memories are of going to my Grammy’s house (my Mom’s mom) and the whole family would gather there… aunts, uncles and cousins. My Gram would break out the blue willow china and it felt so special and fun to all be cozied into her tiny home all together!


Embroidered Thanksgiving homecoming table runner tea towels blue willow china
Photo by Kate Lacey of our Homecoming table runner, tea towels and blue willow china on an indigo tablecloth for a fresh fall palette.


C&T: Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year or attending? Can you tell us what your favorite dishes will be on your Thanksgiving table this year?

SH: We will be doing both this year- attending and hosting!

Favorite dishes ALWAYS include vegetarian stuffing and Mac n Cheese. I decided to cut dairy out of my diet (for the most part) at the beginning of the year and discovered a fab new recipe that EVERYONE loves:

My new, most fun challenge is figuring out what to make after my weekly pick up from this phenomenal local greenhouse:

And for that I turn to my FAVORITE site and chef, Heidi Swanson’s 101 cookbooks:

I have ALL of her cookbooks as well…and I can without fail find too many things to make!

I am unsure what will be growing at the greenhouse then but I am sure I will discover an excellent recipe to try out!


Table setting with embroidered feather linens 
  Photo by Rinne Allen


C&T: How do you go about setting your table?

I want everything to feel super casual but also considered and to create a table setting that feels really warm and welcoming. Sometimes people are intimidated to use nicer table linens, so choosing pieces that are well-made, but not overly precious, helps reinforce approachability and ease of enjoyment.

Embroidered Coral & Tusk Tea Towel and feathers Table Runner

 Photo by Rinne Allen

C&T: The glasses on your table are so cute! Any recommended stores in Jackson for home goods?

SH: The Jackson Hole glasses are vintage and were a gift from Kristie. She got them at Mountain Dandy:

Which is a GEM of a store- highly recommend.

Some other home stores:


Twenty-two home

C&T: Do you like games after dinner/ going for a walk/ etc? (if games, which ones and can gift guide link to fun cards or other sets)

SH: YES! Walks are required! And YES games- two faves: Rummikub- we have this set but not personalized, and THIS fun domino game.

Stephanie's Wyoming landscape

    Photo by Rinne Allen

 C&T: Name 5 things you’re thankful for this season

  • That all of my foundational needs are met and exceeded. I am loved, I have an amazing home, food, water and a working body.
  • That I get to have the job I have. It is a privilege to have this business, I am so thankful we have the support from customers that we have. And I love the women I work and partner with that make everything possible. They enrich my life daily.
  • That I have freedom of choice.
  • That I am able to live in a place and have experiences that bring me deep joy, healthy challenge and satisfaction; hiking, running, backpacking, camping, bike riding all with the most spectacular backdrop of this mountain landscape. 
  • That I have an amazing “pack”: family, friends, community and of course pets!


Stephanie on a bicycle with rescue dog Papi