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Our Process

Step 1. Start with a story

Stephanie first creates her irreverent characters and bold pattern designs by putting pencil to paper. Every collection begins with abundant research and each individual design stems from her original hand-drawn illustrations.

Step 2. Drawing to digital

Stephanie then scans her original drawing, creating a digital file. She redraws the design, stitch by stitch, using specialized software.

Step 3. Connecting threads

Once her designs are digitized, Stephanie connects with our partners in India to begin production. Together they work to perfect each design, finalizing layouts and colors. Our partners in India implement ethical working conditions and provide fair wages.

Step 4. Bring it to life

Once the design is perfected, it is then machine embroidered in India by our embroidery partners of over ten years. The large-scale embroidery machines make it possible for us to scale Stephanie’s creative process with the flexibility of small production runs. 


We are invested in maintaining long-standing working relationships with each of our production partners. Since the beginning of Coral & Tusk we have worked with the same embroiderer. Our longstanding relationship has made it possible for our production partners to invest in their own teams. Together we have both been able to grow and develop a deep understanding of each other’s work.


We use linen that is made from 100% unbleached and undyed natural flax fiber. By embracing the natural beauty of linen, we reduce our use of harsh chemicals and pollutants that accompany standard dying practices.

The flax is grown in Lithuania, then wet spun into yarn at an ISO 9001 company in West Bengal, India, before arriving at our weaving workshop in Bangalore, India. 

All of the fiber is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified and does not contain any harmful substances or chemicals.


During the embroidery process, each color is embroidered one at a time and a skilled operator manually changes the threads as the colors change. Once the embroidery is completed, there are threads floating across the surface of the design from where the colors change. Each of the threads are expertly trimmed by a team of women.


The final step of the our production process is tailoring. Each design is cut, sewn, and ironed to create the final product. The tailors we first began working with in India over ten years ago are the same production partners we work with today. Every product we make is constructed with the highest level of detail from the stitching on our embroidered logo to the precise hemming and ironing of each piece.

After the final touches from our tailors, each Coral & Tusk piece is then sent to our office in Wyoming where our team lovingly hand packs each order.

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