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Five Favorite Things | March 2022

Spring is here! Today we’re sharing our Five Favorite Things for MARCH! Read on to see where we’re donating, what we’re watching, learning, reading and more.



Coral & Tusk Sunflowerdonate text

This month we’re personally donating to organizations that are providing relief and support to the people of Ukraine. Below are a couple of organizations we are donating to, we hope you will join us in learning more about their work and supporting their cause. 
Since the day after the attack from Russia began, WCK has been serving meals to thousands of families escaping the violence in Ukraine and people still remaining in the country each day. WCK is currently providing hot meals prepared with care across Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova, and Hungary. Donate directly to World Central Kitchen here.
A Boston based non-profit, Sunflower of Peace is currently raising funds to provide medical and humanitarian aid to paramedics and doctors in the areas that are affected by the violence in Ukraine. You can donate directly to their fundraiser here or read about other ways you can help their cause here.
The Sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower and now a symbol of resistance, read about the history of the flower for Ukraine and its allies via Salon.


Sedona view from Bear Mountain Trail
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Stephanie spent the end of winter in Sedona, Arizona and cannot recommend the desert destination enough. Here are a few of her favorite places in the area.


My go-to guides for hiking in a new place are Falcon books, the Sedona guide has not disappointed!

A great place to start is Bell Rock, a short loop hike. A more challenging route is Bear Mountain, an out and back hike with incredible views! I’ve also fallen in love with TRAIL RUNNING on this trip!

Stephanie's Aura

Stephanie's aura photo from Crystal Magic.


I found the Goop city guide to be a great reference for Sedona, so depending on your interests check out to see what they recommend. Eat at Pisa Lisa or ANY of Lisa Dahl’s restaurants! We are also looking forward to our reservation at Asylum in nearby Jerome.


For shopping we love Cucina Sedona! Longtime Coral & Tusk stockist, Cucina Sedona has so many special items for the kitchen! 

And no Sedona trip is complete without having your aura photos taken and read at Crystal Magic!


Pasta Grannies

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Staying home this Spring Break? Take a trip across Italy with Pasta Grannies! Every episode of the series features a different real life home cook making traditional pasta in Italy. Marvel at how 92 year old Pina makes chestnut gnocchi!

Album Quilt by Addie Little, Michigan State University Museum

Album Quilt by Addie Little, Provenance unknown, 1863, Collection of Michigan State University Museum via Quilt Index.

Learn text

Last weekend was World Quilt Day! We love a national day of appreciation AND textiles, and even better, our team member Alija learned to quilt this winter! While constructing her first quilt she has been exploring quilting histories and artists, here are a few that she thoroughly enjoyed.


Quilt Index

Quilt Index is a place to get lost exploring quilts from documentation projects, museums, libraries, and private collections. The site is an open access, digital repository and is part of an education project of Michigan State University. If you enjoy what they do, consider contributing to their work here.


The Quiltmakers of the Gee’s Bend PBS Documentary

The quilting tradition in Gee’s Bend, Alabama goes back to the 19th century and in more recent years the artists there have inspired the world with their work. Learn about the lives of the artists in this hour long PBS documentary that you can stream online.


AIDS Memorial Quilt

The AIDS Memorial Quilt was first conceived in November of 1985 by long-time San Francisco gay rights activist Cleve Jones and now may be the largest community art project in the world. In 2020 all of the 50,000 quilt panels were presented online, and can now be viewed in its entirety.


Gee's Bend Instagram

@geesbendquiltmakers on Instagram

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Continuing with the Quilt content, here are a few great quilt follows on Instagram including the phenomenal Gees Bend quiltmakers!