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Introducing Quilts and Throws

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce throws and quilts. We LOVE to use throws and quilts in our own lives and many of you have expressed that they are a product you’d love to see from Coral & Tusk!
There are very few feelings that emulate a hug (one of the best feelings on the planet!) I believe our throws and quilts do a pretty great job of coming in second to an embrace! Whether you are cozying up on the couch, setting up for a picnic, stargazing, or just laying down after a long, wonderful day, our beautifully embroidered all-linen throws and quilts are sure to make each of these already enjoyable moments that much more delightful.


Coral & Tusk Linen Throws
Coral & Tusk Throws
In addition to your feedback, I was inspired to create this new product category after I received a throw as a thank-you gift from one of my best friends, Sunny, after hosting her family here at my home in Wyoming. Not only was it such a thoughtful gesture, but I also use it frequently and in turn have all the more opportunity to think of Sunny’s time here with great fondness.

Coral & Tusk Plants Quilt
One-of-a-kind Plants Quilt
I dove deeper into thought about the important role throws and quilts play in our lives from a usability standpoint and the key position they hold in directing the feeling of a room. Furthermore, all good things come to mind when I think about what throws and quilts provide us with: warmth, protection, comfort, and shelter. That motivated me to go the extra step in designing and producing these thoughtful pieces to ensure that they exude all of these characteristics from the moment you experience them. Each Oeko-Tex Standard 100, all-linen piece has been individually laundered before being embroidered, resulting in a buttery soft, drapable linen base. The difficult part was choosing which designs to introduce this product category with. I decided on a few of our all-time best-selling designs, and also took the opportunity to introduce a few new surprises I could not resist!
And with that said, we hope you savor these new accessories. I chose the word “accessories” because one definition is; "Something extra that improves or completes the thing it is added to". In this case, the thing it is added to is your life, bed, sofa, outing, moment, or new favorite go-to gift.

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