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Make a Fox pumpkin with us!

We were inspired by Stephanie’s wood fox sign she made shortly after moving to Wyoming. She used a drill to make holes and “embroider” the wood piece with our fox mascot.


Wood Fox in Stephanie Housley's Wyoming studio


Pumpkins can be a little trickier due to the curves, fibrous strands, and seeds, so we decided to make it easier and do a simple fox head outline. We also cut the top off and scooped the insides out prior to starting.

First, we printed out our Fox sparkler design in the correct size to fit the pumpkin. Then we adhered that with pins to the pumpkin to get a nice template to follow. You can also just draw this on if that's easier.

Pumpkin Fox Project Coral & Tusk

Afterward, we drilled holes using various-sized drill bits to get smaller and larger holes. 

Pumpkin drill Coral & Tusk Halloween Project

Pumpkin drill holes Coral & Tusk Halloween Project 

Next, we used a safety pin and twine to go in and out just like you’d do with a needle and thread. A very large head needle would also work for this.

Pumpkin drill holes Coral & Tusk Halloween Project twine


Pumpkin drill holes Coral & Tusk Halloween Project

Pop a candle in and enjoy!

Pumpkin drill holes Coral & Tusk Halloween Project


Coral & Tusk Halloween Pumpkin drill