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National First Responders Day

Friday, October 28th is National First Responder’s Day. We are so grateful for the first responders in our own communities who are the first to arrive in times of crisis. We are also proud to have a First Responder on our team here at Coral & Tusk! In addition to being a business owner and a designer, Stephanie is also a volunteer firefighter in her community. Today we are sharing her story along with information about how you too can get involved in your own community.


Stephanie First Responder Training

Stephanie training for her firefighter certification.


The National Fire Protection Association estimates that about 65% of the 1,150,000 firefighters in the United States are volunteers, and 9 out of 10 Fire Departments depend on volunteers. Volunteer firefighters are highly trained and work on-call, often without pay. They provide a very important role to their communities, especially in rural areas where there is less infrastructure for emergency services.

Stephanie and her husband Chris first considered becoming volunteer firefighters in their area when they moved to Wyoming in 2016. The population in their area fluctuates throughout the year and there was a need for volunteers who resided in the area full-time. Both Stephanie and Chris recognized that they were young, able-bodied, full-time residents who were also interested in being of service to others. In 2018 The Roosevelt Fire tore through their community and burned over 60,000 acres. After witnessing the destruction of their neighborhood and how it affected their community, Stephanie and Chris were committed to becoming firefighters.


Stephanie and Chris completing firefighter training
Chris and Stephanie after completing their Firefighter 1 training and receiving their certification.

The two joined the recruit class of 2019. To gain firefighter certification in Wild Land and Structures, Stephanie and Chris were required to complete extensive readings and take written tests. In addition to their studies, they participated in many hands-on practicals and underwent rigorous physical training. In July of 2019, Stephanie and Chris were certified.

With their certification, they can be called to wildland fires, structure fires, and other emergencies. Because they live in such a remote area, the majority of their calls are to vehicle accidents. They are usually the first people to respond to these calls, long before EMTs or police arrive. 


Battalion 3 of Sublette County Unified Fire

Chris and Stephanie (third and second from right) with their unit, Battalion 3 of Sublette County Unified Fire.

In order to maintain certification, volunteers must continue to test annually and respond to a minimum number of calls. It is not an easy job by any means! We are so proud of Stephanie and Chris for their work and their commitment to being of service to others. If you’re interested in doing the same for your community contact your local fire department for volunteer opportunities or visit  

Becoming a first responder is not for everyone but there are other ways to be involved! The Wildland Firefighter Foundation helps the families of firefighters killed in the line of duty, consider supporting their cause today. National Fire Prevention week was earlier this month, spend some time on the National Fire Protection Association website and brush up on your knowledge of fire safety and become more informed about fire risks in your area.

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