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Our favorite rescue and adoption resources for cats (plus cute cat accounts to follow!)

You know we fancy felines at Coral & Tusk but behind the cute cat designs, we also want to share our love for fostering and adoption. Read about our favorite reasons to adopt a rescue cat and some surprising shelter facts. And don’t worry, if you want to read about dogs, we have all your canine content on the way - check back next month! 

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Do you have an adopted, rescue, or foster cat? Comment on our Instagram in our pet posts telling us all about your four-legged friend!


According to the ASPCA, over 3 million cats end up in shelters in the US each year. Many of these cats are strays, or have gotten lost from their original owners. If a cat is microchipped, they are twenty times  more likely to be returned to their owner, so encourage anyone with new pets to microchip, and be sure to chip yours if you do adopt.


Everyone loves a kitten, but senior cats (along with black cats) are the last to be adopted. They can be great choices because you can really see what their personality is right away and older cats tend to be more chill and great cuddlers.


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When perusing adoption sites you will often see younger cats adoptable only as a bonded pair. These are two cats who already have a close relationship whether they were part of the same litter or grew up together in the same shelter. Adopting a bonded pair not only saves 2 lives but they are already guaranteed to get along!


If you still need to talk yourself or your family into adopting, keep in mind that cats are great for reducing stress, reducing blood pressure, and lowering your heart rate. They can be sweet, low-maintenance companions who are loyal yet independent (no going outside to walk them at 5am!)


Not ready to commit? Try fostering! Get familiar with what you want in a pet and if having one fits into your lifestyle, and give a cat a loving short-term stay before they find their forever home. You might even become a foster fail and adopt them yourself!
Meet our team's adopted cats:


Clockwise from top left, Church is a beautiful black cat who loves to relax. Jo is mischievous and likes getting in to anything and everything! Over in Wyoming, Buddy the "barn cat" prefers to snuggle inside when its cold. Stevie is a calico cutie who loves her windows and even has her own Instagram


Coral & Tusk Cats


Other ways to support: 


If you have a friend or family member who has lost a pet, giving a Memorial gift by donating to the ASPCA is a thoughtful way to remember them.


Become a guardian angel with Best Friends, a non-profit whose mission is to end the killing of shelter animals. 


The Brooklyn Cat Cafe is the only not for profit cat cafe in NYC and happens to be nearby one of our favorite stockists, Collyer's Mansion, so we frequently walk by to see the adorable, adoptable cats in the window. You can also watch them 24/7 on their cat cam


Cutest Cat content to follow and watch:
Watch the Best Cat Video Ever created by the account @Cat_Navi_Desk


A favorite account to scout for adoptable kittens is Bushwick Cats. They help cats with TNR services and have adoption events weekly!
What is TNR? This is the preferred way to help feral cats, called Trap-Neuter-Return. The cat is trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and returned to where they were found.


2smallcats follows two adorable Scottish Fold Cats (we have this breed on our 16" Cats pillow!) who were rescued by the Happy Homes Animal Rescue.
Whiskers-A-Gogo is a non-profit cat rescue based in Brooklyn with an adoptable feed of cats!
Maru, Hana & Miri are three cats in Japan living their best life making art (watch here if you don't believe) and fitting into tiny bowls and boxes. 


Cats of San Bernardino is a sweet Tiktok account by this cat rescue non profit in California with informative videos and kitten content!


The best part of going to the corner store is getting to pet the resident cat! Follow Bodega Cats of Instagram for the four legged employees.


From pillows to pouches, we have cat themed goods to adopt into your own home! 
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