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Easter Inspiration

  Independence Day is my top favorite holiday (because I LOVE fireworks and freedom, and summer!) but Easter has always been my favorite traditional holiday. People are generally surprised to hear me say this and I don’t find a lot of people in the same camp. It wasn’t until fairly recently that I realized my absolute love for Easter is all due to my Mom. She provided me with the most magical of experiences year after year through her thoughtful care and preparation. She crafted the most joyous ways of celebrating Easter, which made a huge overall impression on me and clearly ignited my sheer delight for the holiday. 


Stephanie celebrating Easter with her Mom
Stephanie and her mom celebrating Easter


I have to say by “normal standards” I’m sure I believed in the Easter Bunny far too long but I am so happy I did. A large bunny that delivers chocolates, presents, a heartfelt note and colored eggs in a basket to your door- seriously!??? Waking up to Easter morning was as exciting to me as Christmas was. I am so thankful to my Mom for making this occasion so truly memorable and special. It is only now as a full grown adult that I can truly appreciate her effort in providing me with all the possible wonders of a holiday, giving me a beautiful memory bank I still draw from today, and an absolutely unbridled excitement for all things SPRING!


Stephanie celebrating Easter


I think this year we all are more aware of celebrating small moments and I hope we all have a deeper appreciation for all the amazing things we do have and can experience, no matter where we are. An appreciation of longer days, bluer skies, warmer weather, and celebrating each new sprout springing up transforming the earth into a full blown glorious landscape of flowering bulbs, shrubs and trees.
And last but not least, the anticipated arrival of the Easter Bunny!


- Stephanie


Coral & Tusk Easter 2021

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