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Five Favorite Things | February 2021

We’re back, with our first edition of Five Favorite Things for 2021! If you’re new around here, Five Favorite Things is our monthly round-up of recommendations from our staff. We’re excited to continue sharing with you what we’re reading, listening to, watching, doing, and so much more! We always love to hear from you, let us know what has inspired you lately in the comments section!


Three Cup Tofu recipe from Chez Jorge

Taiwanese Three Cup Tofu by George Lee of Chez Jorge


Check out Chez Jorge and his wonderful videos! We LOVE his mind-blowing Taiwanese Three Cup Tofu. The tofu preparation method George uses creates the most amazing texture: freeze and thaw your tofu twice, then drain and tear it into pieces- it’s like restaurant level tofu dishes have been unlocked for dining at home! Follow George on Instagram here and explore his blog!
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In NYC our local elections are coming up in 2021 and it’s the perfect time to get involved with campaigns, get to know who is running, and learn more about the platforms of each candidate. These elections directly impact the communities around us so it’s great to do research and get involved early on!


Mecha Top Casa Nortes
Image of The Mecha Top in Wild Flowers by Casa Nortes

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“The beautiful new clothing line by a sweet friend of a friend - Casa NortesEverything is handmade to order and created by women from the Rarámuri community in Northern Mexico with a focus on transparency and a truly open relationship with the Indigenous community.”  - Jess


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“I start every morning with either a 30 or 45 minute power yoga class with either Anna Greenberg or Kristin McGee on Peloton’s subscription app. I LOVE starting my day with these ladies. It is centering and calming, but also has really made me much stronger! I also love that you can do this anywhere/anytime. The ENTIRE Peloton community cultivates inclusion, love and empowerment and cultivates such positivity.” Sign up at - Stephanie


Coral & Tusk Monarch Butterflies

Coral & Tusk Monarch Butterfly design coming soon.

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“The Butterfly Forest” is a photo essay published in the February 15th & 20th printed issue of The New Yorker. However the feature is even more INCREDIBLE when viewed online. For the online edition, The New Yorker created an interactive story complete with sound and video. It’s mesmerizing to read the article while listening to the actual butterflies and watching video footage of the swarms in the Michoacán Biosphere reserve. The feature dives into the environmental destruction and violence that threatens the Monarch butterfly population, while also reminding us how incredible Monarchs are and why they are MORE than worth protecting.