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Donation Pledge: Education

This week for our Eight Weeks of Giving Pledge we are donating $1,500.00 split between two organizations that support education and fostering a new generation of leaders.



We will be donating to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, the largest organization in the US to represent  historically Black colleges and universities. The other organization we are donating to, Facing History and Ourselves, seeks to educate students of all backgrounds of the history of racism and prejudice. Learn more about the organizations below and consider donating directly to each organization this week.


Thurgood Marshall College Fund

Donate Directly


The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) is the largest organization in the United States that represents historically Black colleges and universities and predominantly Black institutions. TMCF provides leadership, lobbying, job recruiting and scholarships, supporting the next generation of cultural leaders.


TMCF’s mission is to ensure student success by promoting educational excellence and preparing the next generation of workforce talent through leadership development. They do this through scholarships, programs, and policy & advocacy. TMCF’s achievements speak for themselves: In 2017 alone, they helped to confer more than 30,500 undergraduate degrees, 7,500 graduate degrees, and about 2,000 doctorate degrees.


Facing History and Ourselves

Donate Directly


Facing History and Ourselves uses lessons of history to challenge teachers and their students to stand up against bigotry and hate. Facing History seeks to educate students of all backgrounds about the history of racism, prejudice and anti-Semitism. By working with individual teachers and school districts, Facing History and Ourselves tailors their programs specifically to every situation to ensure effectiveness.


Facing History and Ourselves is supporting the next generation of leaders who will build a world based on knowledge and compassion, the foundation for more democratic, equitable, and just societies.


Learn about the other causes and organizations we have donated to in our previous Eight Weeks of Giving blog posts: