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Donation Pledge: Summer Experiences

It’s the seventh week of our Eight Weeks of Giving Pledge! Each week, one of our employees selects an organization to donate to that supports and fights for social justice and racial equity. This week we are donating $1,500.00 to The Fresh Air Fund, a New York City based organization that provides life changing summer experiences for children residing in underserved communities in NYC. Learn more about The Fresh Air Fund below and consider donating directly today.


The Fresh Air Fund was established in 1877, in response to an epidemic. As reported by the New York Times: “Fatima Shama, executive director of the Fresh Air Fund, said the organization has a long history of serving families during times of public health crisis. The organization was founded in 1877 to help children affected by a tuberculosis outbreak, especially those living in New York’s densely packed tenements, by giving them opportunities to leave the city and spend time outdoors.”


140 years later, The Fresh Air Fund has provided over 1.8 million children with the opportunity to leave the city and attend summer programming which includes sleepaway camps, host family experiences in rural communities, and leadership initiatives. Through these programs children get to experience a memorable outdoor summer adventure, something every child should have.


“We believe that investing in a child’s journey through life provides an opportunity for young people to learn, grow, and thrive in our city and beyond. The magic of a Fresh Air summer, full of new experiences and new friends, is simple yet transformative.” - The Fresh Air Fund


Click here to donate directly to The Fresh Air Fund


This summer, The Fresh Air Fund’s programming looks a little different. In response to COVID-19, The Fund unfortunately had to cancel their traditional camp and host programs for Summer 2020. The Fund is exploring other ways they can support
children and families during this incredibly difficult time.


The Fresh Air Fund 2020 summer programs include virtual programming, in person activities at local playgrounds and parks, job training opportunities for teens, and wellness day trips for families. New York City was the epicenter of COVID-19 in the spring and COVID-19 continues to disproportionately affect Black and Brown communities, the Fresh Air Fund is providing safe ways for NYC families to experience summer fun.


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